Beautiful backyard wedding… Paul & Karen

Paul & Karen got married on warm July afternoon in the beautifully landscaped backyard of their new home together. It was a last minute booking… they were short a photographer and lucky thing, it happened to be our only un-booked Saturday in July.

Karen and friends did an amazing job with the decor and flowers, it was a treat to photograph such gorgeous details! They created a perfect little venue, set up for the couple’s family and closest friends to join them as they celebrated their love for one another. If Peter and I ever decide to marry again (each other, of course!), this is exactly how I would want it. Paul & Karen it was so nice to meet you both, thank you for treating us like friends! All the best to you both in your future together *heart emoji*


Raymond & Mary… St. Augustine Church wedding

Raymond and Mary were married on a pleasantly sunny day in May of 2016.  A few months earlier, Peter and I had shot their Chinese tea ceremony as they chose to have us cover that rather than an engagement shoot. We did steal the couple away for a few pictures at the park across the street from the family home. See the couple in their beautiful Chinese outfits here .

At the Sandman Signature Hotel in Richmond, an adorably nervous Raymond saw the radiantly beautiful Mary for the first time on their wedding day. A few tears were shed from both! After a capturing the tender moment, we headed to the ceremony at the elegant St. Augustine’s Church in Vancouver.

Once the rings were exchanged, and the couple had their first kiss as husband and wife, the plans changed a little (as they do) and it was decided to stay at the church property to take photos. I am so glad we did! The church buildings surround a pretty little garden, it was an honour to be able to shoot there.

We then headed to Riverside Banquet Hall for the reception… and what a party! I knew we were in for a good night when the group started the evening with a choreographed number that brought down the house. I think the family and friends of Raymond and Mary had one of the best nights of their lives celebrating with this lovely couple!

Raymond and Mary, your wedding was amazing, thank you for trusting us to capture your special day. Peter and I wish you the best and know a long and happy life together is in store!

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Brock House wedding… David & Michelle

David and Michelle were married on a mild spring day in April day at the Brock House Restaurant in Vancouver. I love old heritage buildings and it was a pleasure to shoot in this elegant mansion on Jericho Beach.

The weather was iffy so the ceremony was held under a tent, but we still had a lovely view of English Bay. Once the reception started, so did the April showers, but since the party took place in the solarium, all was well.

David and Michelle took dancing lessons for their first dance and they surprised everyone with their moves, gliding around the dance floor to Frank Sinatra’s ‘Fly me to the moon’. They truly wowed the crowd!

David and Michelle, I hope the two of you keep dancing all the years of your marriage. All the best!

‘Dance with your heart and your feet will follow’ Unknown.

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Swan-e-set wedding… Pat & Anne

Pat & Anne’s February wedding was our the first of the 2016 season and we were happy to be shooting at Swaneset Bay Resort & Country Club. We knew no matter the weather we would have a lovely back drop in which to shoot, indoors or out. The day was tremendously organised by Anne and and everything ran like clock work. Her thoughtful DIY touches were very artistic and full of colour.

As luck would have it, the late winter day was lovely and almost spring like! After having the first look and portraits earlier in the day, the couple tied the knot as the sun lowered in the sky. A nice thing about winter weddings is you get to do a sunset shoot before the reception even starts. 🙂

All the very best to you Pat & Anne!



Michael & Lindsay… Granville Island engagement shoot

Peter and I are looking forward to Michael & Lindsay’s wedding in Harrison on this holiday weekend! I met them for their engagement shoot on a very chilly and wet December day. We roamed around under the cover of the Granville Street bridge, where they happily snuggled into each other to keep warm or maybe just because they are absolutely smitten with one another!

After our unseasonably warm spring, the weather has taken a turn as of late. No worries for this lovely couple, a dip in the Hot Springs after a night of dancing and celebrating will be just what the doctor ordered! Looking forward to capturing your memories for you both!



Raymond & Mary… spring engagement shoot

Peter and I met Raymond and Mary last year for a coffee and had an instant connection with this young couple. We couldn’t be more excited to be shooting their upcoming wedding!

Whatever the weather holds for their big day, Raymond and Mary will take it in stride just as they did when we met them on a drizzly March morning before their tea ceremony. Here are a few of my favorite photos from a short time we spent outside in a park near their home. These two are naturals!

Raymond and Mary, we are looking forward to your wedding day, it is going to be amazing!





Brix Restaurant wedding… Mario & Stephanie

Our last of the 2015 season was the beautiful October wedding of Mario and Stephanie at Brix Restaurant in Yaletown. The weather could not have been better, it was a gorgeous Indian summer day. I shot the girls getting ready at the Opus boutique hotel and Peter captured the guys at the best man’s house. Once ready, the couple met for a first look at the courtyard beside the Yaletown station. After they had their tender moment, they met the group for photos at the Roundhouse, everything was walking distance, which made the day a breeze.

Mario and Stephanie married in the indoor courtyard of Brix, which is cosy and warm but not much room to shoot. I will admit Peter and I were a bit nervous to shoot there because of the limited space and the challenging lighting (not to mention the restaurants use of mirrors… oy vey!). I am happy to say we knocked it out of the park, this wedding is probably one of my proudest moments as a photographer.

After the ceremony Peter and I stole the couple away for a little walk (and photos of course!) on the mild October evening. Upon our return the evening was spent eating amazing food and celebrating with the nearest and dearest of this lovely couple. The dance floor stayed packed all of the time we were there… so much fun!

Mario and Stephanie, it was a joy to share your day with you, we are inspired by depth of feeling you have for one another!

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Deer Lake engagement shoot… Michael & Michelle

Michael and Michelle are thrilled to be getting married this weekend at Burnaby Mountain Golf Course. Peter and I met Michelle a few years ago when she was a bridesmaid at the wedding of Lem & Roma that we photographed on a beautiful day in Queens Park. We love to receive recommendations from past Brides! (see Lem & Roma’s Queens Park wedding here)

We couldn’t be happier that Michelle chose us as well. We look forward to revisiting Deer Lake Park as Michael and Michelle loved the gardens so much they decided that it would be the perfect place for their wedding photos as well.  It is also one of our favorite locations and we can’t wait to see what the gardens have in store for this weekend.


Pitt Meadows Ranch wedding… Joe & Krystal

I loved every little bit about Joe and Krystal’s country chic wedding!

Krystal contacted me to do an engagement shoot for her and her fiancee, Joe, before heading to an exotic locale for a destination wedding. When we met for coffee to discuss plans, Krystal loved the album we showed her but seemed a little sad. She really wanted us for her engagement shoot, but after some soul searching, she found what she really wanted was to get married in BC so all of her family and closest friends could be in attendance.

The happy couple decided their hearts needed to be home and they planned a country wedding to be held at the Krystal’s own horse ranch. With help from family and friends it came together beautifully in a very short amount of time. The decor was amazing and the day was bright and beautiful. I don’t think we have ever had so many cool things to photograph at once, charming decor, horses, dogs, cars… fields of long grass 🙂 we got a lot done in our short time together!

It was an honour to spend my Mother’s Day of 2015 in the company of such warm people. Happy first anniversary,  Joe & Krystal, I hope your first year of marriage has been a hoot!


Stanley Park Pavilion wedding… Peter & Caroline

Peter and Caroline were married at Stanley Park Pavilion in September of 2015. One of the oldest structures in Stanley Park, the pavilion was built in 1913. What started out as a concession stand quickly became the social hub of the Park.

The day started out with rain as I captured Caroline getting ready, but she was crossing her fingers that the sun would shine in the afternoon. Peter, the photographer headed to the Pavilion to capture Peter, the groom during his last few, nervous moments of being a single man.

The grounds surrounding the Pavilion were gorgeous, the flower beds still in full bloom despite it being the last days of summer. After the ceremony in the Tea Room, the hopes of the happy couple came true and we had glorious weather for the late afternoon photos.

For the reception, the Lord Stanley Ballroom with it’s crisp white walls and ornate chandeliers was a lovely backdrop to Caroline’s choice of  pale peach coloured flowers. The English garden theme was evident with the prettiest wedding cake ever. Peter and Caroline, along with their family and friends, enjoyed a great evening of delicious food and speeches with laughs and sentimental tears. After the show stopping first dance, the fun and games continued. The most entertaining of garter and bouquet tosses capped off the evening for Peter and I. I love a group that is in it to win it 🙂

Peter & Caroline, we wish you the best. I hope you will have a long life as beautiful as the day you were married!


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