About us… being Mr & Mrs

We needed some updated photos for the website and decided to give it a shot at shooting ourselves. We prefer to be behind the camera but it was a good experience to be on the other side for a change. We shot each other and then enlisted the help of our son and occasional third shooter, Kyle for the shots of the two of us. I included a photo of our dog, Charlotte, because of her we discovered this empty field, great for anti-social dogs and sunny day photo shoots.

This photo shoot of us was actually over a three day span of gorgeous spring weather and was
so much fun! It was nice to take some time for each other, we have a special anniversary
coming up this year! We did notice a few more wrinkles as we are continue this journey
together, but Peter does make me laugh… better to have laugh lines and the happy life that
goes with them!

MJ2_4100MJ2_4471marla91Marla & Peter JenkinsMJ2_4152Marla & Peter (2)MJ2_4530MJ2_4605marla6MJ2_4675marla93

4 thoughts on “About us… being Mr & Mrs

  1. Yvonne

    Great looking couple Mr & Mrs and good job Kyle as 3rd shooter, must say puppy also very photogenic . What a beautiful family.

  2. Susan

    What “lovely” photos, as we would say in Wales, UK. You both look great, although I have to say Marla is the better looking one(sorry brother!) Marla, I think you should get an agent and start auditioning for roles on TV-I’m serious! It’s great to see you guys looking so happy together.


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