back in the day…

Oh yes, this is us in all of our baby face goodness!  A big anniversary is just around the corner for us, so I thought it would be nice to revisit those old film photos.  So fun to see how young we looked (well… we were young!)  Peter rocked a pretty decent ‘stache and who didn’t wear the hammer pants in the late 80’s.

My wedding photographer was none other than my mom!  Peter and I had a very small wedding, but a big fat honeymoon.  I don’t even remember how many countries we travelled to in six weeks, but it was a lot.  We had an amazing time, we both love to travel, so for our 25th we are heading to Maui.  Aloha!mjphoto-1-2mjphoto-10-4mjphoto-1-4mjphoto-5mjphoto-2-3mjphoto-3mjphoto-4mjphoto-1

3 thoughts on “back in the day…

  1. Yvonne

    Wow ..nice to see those photos .
    You both look as good …a little older , but not that much change
    Looking forward to your 25th anniversary photos in Maui
    Love Mom.

  2. Stephanie

    Wow is right!! These are great photos! Thanks for the smiles, happy anniversary and we hope you had an amazing trip!! (you shine in those hammer pants, and now Cody wants to grow a stache!)

  3. Susan

    Hey – I recognise that wallpaper and sofa in the first photo – the sofa’s long gone but the wallpaper is still there – been painted over a few times since then but it’s staying put – too much work to get it off!


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