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Brennan & Kendra… South Bonson Community Centre wedding

Peter and I met Brennan and Kendra for their engagement shoot on a cool autumn evening in at Campbell Valley Park. We wandered amongst the trees and got to know this sweet couple, hearing all their plans for their big day, and of course taking photos.

Fast forward a year later and the long awaited day was here! Kendra got ready at the Sandman Signature Hotel with her best girl friends as Brennan and his best men (and best dog, Maks) waited patiently for the girls to arrive to the South Bonson Community Centre.

This autumn day had every weather… from pouring rain in the morning to sunshine in the afternoon, and one of the prettiest skies at sunset. Because of the unpredictable weather the ceremony was held inside, but fortunately for portraits, the afternoon turned lovely and mild. The afternoon’s beautiful water-colour sky was a nice trade off for the morning’s rain.

The reception was lively at the Community Centre, great food and great people! Kendra put some much thought and effort into her decorations, with a nod to all of the couple’s favourite movies!

I love when we get to sneak the couple out for a few sunset photos during the reception, and Brennan and Kendra were keen on the idea, too. It gives the couple a few minutes to themselves and always get some great photos, whatever the sunset may look like. This night’s sunset, my favourite part was the afterglow of pale pink and blue, so pretty and romantic.

After our return, the reception got underway with toasts and dancing and a fun evening for all. Brennan and Kendra (and Maks), we wish you all the best!

Bruce & Andrea… Pitt Meadows Hotel wedding

Peter and I spent a warm late summer day with Bruce & Andrea on the day of their wedding documenting their love and commitment to their friends and family.

We met them at their hotel in Pitt Meadows as they finished getting themselves and the reception room ready. Andrea did an amazing job with her decorations and organizing her day. The musical theme is evident, as they are both big band musicians in the Bruce James Orchestra.

Bridal party photo session was first on the agenda, so the group piled into the stretch 4×4 limo and we headed to the nearby Osprey village for a little fun and some photos. The wedding party included Bruce’s two teenage sons and the children of one of the grooms men. The young people were a big part of the day and the boys burned off some energy with a little football.

After cooling off inside for a bit in the community centre (and more photos), it was time to head to the Open Door Church for the ceremony. I’ve seen a few different ways a couple has celebrated their union… lighting a unity candle, pouring sand together in one vessel, fastening hands with a sash or cord, I will say Bruce and Andrea’s idea to make a glow stick topped them all!

The reception followed back at the Hotel, where there was much love and laughter. The guests had to sing to vie for their table to be chosen to go to the buffet and also had to sing if they wanted Bruce and Andrea to kiss. No one shied away from the challenge. What a fun and highly talented group of people!

Bruce and Andrea I hope you make beautiful music together for many years to come!  (I had to say it 🙂 )