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Brennan & Kendra… South Bonson Community Centre wedding

Peter and I met Brennan and Kendra for their engagement shoot on a cool autumn evening in at Campbell Valley Park. We wandered amongst the trees and got to know this sweet couple, hearing all their plans for their big day, and of course taking photos.

Fast forward a year later and the long awaited day was here! Kendra got ready at the Sandman Signature Hotel with her best girl friends as Brennan and his best men (and best dog, Maks) waited patiently for the girls to arrive to the South Bonson Community Centre.

This autumn day had every weather… from pouring rain in the morning to sunshine in the afternoon, and one of the prettiest skies at sunset. Because of the unpredictable weather the ceremony was held inside, but fortunately for portraits, the afternoon turned lovely and mild. The afternoon’s beautiful water-colour sky was a nice trade off for the morning’s rain.

The reception was lively at the Community Centre, great food and great people! Kendra put some much thought and effort into her decorations, with a nod to all of the couple’s favourite movies!

I love when we get to sneak the couple out for a few sunset photos during the reception, and Brennan and Kendra were keen on the idea, too. It gives the couple a few minutes to themselves and always get some great photos, whatever the sunset may look like. This night’s sunset, my favourite part was the afterglow of pale pink and blue, so pretty and romantic.

After our return, the reception got underway with toasts and dancing and a fun evening for all. Brennan and Kendra (and Maks), we wish you all the best!

Stanley Park Pavilion Wedding… Chris & Liz

Chris and Liz were married at Stanley Park Pavilion in September of 2016. The Pavilion is the jewel of Stanley Park, and one of the prettiest locations for an outdoor wedding in Vancouver. Peter and I were thrilled to be shooting there again.

It had been a long hot summer, but the weather was perfect on the day of the wedding. It was still quite warm, but the rain from the day before had left a freshness in the air. The grounds surrounding the Pavilion were gorgeous, the flower beds still bursting with colour even though summer was almost at an end. The garden ceremony was gorgeous and we didn’t have far to go for great photos after.

For the reception, the Lord Stanley Ballroom with it’s bright and fresh interior was a lovely backdrop to Liz’s gorgeous flowers. Chris and Liz love to travel and the theme for the reception decor was places from their travels. It was a very relaxed evening with great food and music. The funny stories and kind words from loved ones resulted in tears and laughter, happily more of the later.  After the cake was cut, it was time to party!  Everyone let loose and had a great night with dancing and fun times.

Chris and Liz, we hope that your first months of marriage have been a blast and the travels that lie ahead of you will be as amazing as your wedding day!

Minh & Anna… Celebration Pavilion wedding

A evening stroll in the city was the theme for Minh and Anna’s engagement shoot a few months before their August wedding. We were recommended to them by George and Tina, a couple  we had shot a few years earlier. Having that recommendation from past bride’s and groom is the highest compliment we can receive!

Minh and Anna are both quiet people and let us know that they were not comfortable in front of the camera. I hear that a lot, so it did not worry me at all. Our style is a mix of casual posing and ‘directed’ candids and it doesn’t take long before the couple warms up to each other in front of us. Minh and Anna were adorably sweet with one another.

Their wedding was a lovely day at Celebration Pavilion, one of my favourite venues to shoot. Right there in Queen Elizabeth Park, a perfect place for all your photo needs! After family photos, and we had lots of time for the two of them for portraits and even enjoyed a shaved ice to beat the heat!

The reception was at Shiang Garden Restaurant in Richmond, the 10 course dinner was amazing. It was an evening of games, toasts and a choreographed dance for the bride and groom by some young guests, The bouquet toss was so sweet, two young girls caught it at the same time and the one girl let the other on have it with no complaint. After photographing the bride with the two girls, the girl that had the bouquet gave it to the other… awww. A first for sure! It is more often every gal for themselves, and stand back! Such sweet young ladies! It was a fun night to capture and all the best to you Minh and Anna.


Dan & Mandy… Cecil Green Park House wedding

Dan and Mandy were married last summer at Cecil Green Park House at UBC, an elegant old mansion with gorgeous grounds, perfect for a summer wedding.

We had done their engagement shoot a few moths prior to the wedding, and with them both being busy professionals, we met them at noon at Granville Island for a quick photo session. These two rocked the session and I loved how easily Dan could make Mandy laugh!

On the day of the wedding, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. There was a threat of rain, which did not materialize and the clouds keep the temperature mild. It was a very relaxed day, we met Dan and Mandy first at the UBC Rose Garden for a few portraits of the two of them before the garden ceremony. After the ceremony, the couple greeted each and everyone of their guests with love and warm embraces on the veranda of the stately house. They weren’t worried about the typical traditions of a wedding, they just wanted a really nice day to share their love with each other and their loved ones. The evening was spent with touching speeches, an amazing dinner and dancing the whole night through.

It was such a pleasure to capture your wedding Dan and Mandy, and I hope your first year of being newlyweds has been filled with laughter and love!

Raymond & Mary… St. Augustine Church wedding

Raymond and Mary were married on a pleasantly sunny day in May of 2016.  A few months earlier, Peter and I had shot their Chinese tea ceremony as they chose to have us cover that rather than an engagement shoot. We did steal the couple away for a few pictures at the park across the street from the family home. See the couple in their beautiful Chinese outfits here .

At the Sandman Signature Hotel in Richmond, an adorably nervous Raymond saw the radiantly beautiful Mary for the first time on their wedding day. A few tears were shed from both! After a capturing the tender moment, we headed to the ceremony at the elegant St. Augustine’s Church in Vancouver.

Once the rings were exchanged, and the couple had their first kiss as husband and wife, the plans changed a little (as they do) and it was decided to stay at the church property to take photos. I am so glad we did! The church buildings surround a pretty little garden, it was an honour to be able to shoot there.

We then headed to Riverside Banquet Hall for the reception… and what a party! I knew we were in for a good night when the group started the evening with a choreographed number that brought down the house. I think the family and friends of Raymond and Mary had one of the best nights of their lives celebrating with this lovely couple!

Raymond and Mary, your wedding was amazing, thank you for trusting us to capture your special day. Peter and I wish you the best and know a long and happy life together is in store!

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Shun & Janice… Stanley Park wedding

Shun & Janice were married on a warm day in July.  They contacted us only the month before and luckily we were still available on their wedding day.  They were so sweet to work with, they asked for and happily accepted our advice on a few of the details.  This was a small wedding, so doubling as a wedding planner was not too difficult!

Shun & Janice got ready together at the condo Janice’s parents purchased for the newlyweds. Janice’s parents, visiting from China, were in attendance to see their only child marry. Shun’s family was not able to be there, but he was able to include them in the tea ceremony via skype.

The ceremony was at the Chapel in Stanley Park and we had the pleasure of working with one of our favourite officiants, Mitch. Afterwards we headed to the Fishhouse Restaurant in Stanley Park for the wedding luncheon.

After lunch, cake and lovely glasses of champagne we drove through Stanley Park, enjoying the natural beauty and capturing their love on the day they wed. We loved working with Shun and Janice and wish them double happiness!

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Greg & Diana… Van Dusen Botanical Garden Wedding

Greg & Diana were married at Van Dusen Botanical Garden on a mild day in June. It was to be an outdoor ceremony on the great lawn. The weather cooperated this time for us and we only had a few sprinkles at the end of the ceremony and during the first few portraits.

Van Dusen was lovely, the flower beds coming into full bloom in June. There was a moment or two that we got lost walking through the vast gardens, but we would find another beautiful place to take photos and then carry on.

Luck was on our side and the clouds dissipated and let the sun shine the through the foliage for some of my favourite wedding photos of 2014. Komorebi is the Japanese word for that moment when sunlight passes through the gaps in trees, and when I see that I am enthralled.

The reception was held at the Riverside Banquet Hall, which was decorated beautifully. The night was spent dancing and laughing and celebrating the love between a very sweet couple. Greg & Diana, we wish you the best!


George & Tina… Stanley Park Wedding

George & Tina got married on one of the rainiest days in May. It rained and I mean poured. The ceremony was outdoor in Stanley Park, and I have never seen two people stand in the pouring rain with bigger smiles on their faces than these two.

After the ceremony they had a lovely warm wedding lunch in the Fish House Restaurant. Tina changed into a traditional red dress, giving her white dress a chance to dry out for pictures later.

As luck would have it by the time the cake was cut and toasts were finished, the rain stopped and we had a lovely afternoon. It was a beautiful end to such special day for George & Tina.              t5MJ3_5850MJ1_9934t1MJ2_7488MJ2_7509MJ2_7527t3t2-2MJ2_7689MJ2_7704MJ2_7711MJ3_6116t4MJ3_6293-2MJ3_6339MJ2_7857MJ3_6348MJ3_6381MJ3_6431MJ3_6480MJ3_6511MJ3_6512t6t7t9MJ1_0116g10MJ3_7862MJ3_7851t11MJ3_7821